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We create movements

for environmental change

through resident leadership development, advocacy for environmental innovation & issues, and organizational consulting.


Our Environmental Justice + Restorative Practices (EJ+RP) Leadership Development Program prepares Flint residents to organize and advocate for environmental justice issues that Flint faces. The program:

  • Increases residents’ knowledge about pressing environmental issues (e.g. sustainable and equitable land use, clean water, clean air, healthy homes).

  • Builds skills in community organizing, using data to make your voice heard, restorative practices to build strong interpersonal relationships, community planning, and policy advocacy.

  • Supports residents in practicing these skills through hands-on learning-by-doing projects with mentorship.

  • Creates a network of residents that share knowledge and opportunities for action to make change together.

We provide direct issue advocacy to support Flint in finding and adopting innovative environmental solutions, when we see a driving force for change is needed. We do this through:

  • Finding and promoting innovative environmentally sustainable solutions, especially ones that help lift people out of poverty.

  • Coalition-building that engages both grassroots and grasstops partners.

  • Finding and developing data for informed community-engaged planning. 

  • Facilitating community visioning, organizing and policy-making for environmental challenges.


Three of our current issues of concern are attracting living wage green jobs, supporting residents in shaping their neighborhood environments and land use, and environmental literacy.

We help build the capacity of organizations to be socially just, identify environmental solutions, and strengthen relationships for healthier teams and work environments. Our staff is deeply experienced in working with diverse populations and organizations at different stages of development. Our organizational consulting services enable organizations to achieve systems, organizational, and individual development through:

  • Professional development for staff, boards/committees and volunteers to 1) address environmental issues and 2) use restorative practices for building relationships and creating fair processes to support organizational change

  • Strategy and partnership development to align social and environmental justice practices with your organization’s mission

  • Partnership/coalition/group facilitation and consensus development

  • Amplifying environmental justice and social justice messaging


This beautiful mural was created by a Flint youth artist through Sandra Branch's Gallery on the Go initiative to transform boarded vacant properties across Flint into the largest open air art gallery of original work. Reverend Randy Schultz of Our Savior Lutheran Church leads the mural installation. Mona Munroe-Younis coordinated a partnership to make installation of this and 20+ other pieces possible in a multiple-block corridor. Partners included Rev. Schultz and UM-Flint alumnus Collette Kelly to secure a UM-Flint Community Impact Grant, and UM-Flint student leaders Autumn Cain and Zachary Hayes for volunteer recruitment.

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