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We envision Flint as a healthy, vibrant, supportive environment for people and nature to thrive, reflecting the resiliency of its people and enabling all residents to live their highest potential.


The Environmental Transformation Movement of Flint grows diverse environmental justice leaders and just relationships to secure a healthy, sustainable future by and for Flint residents.


We catalyze informed, democratic planning and equitable investment in Flint to bring green jobs and environmental solutions to lift people out of poverty and create a healthier  planet for generations to come.



Environmental Justice

We are committed to the 17 Principles of Environmental Justice developed through the People of Color Environmental Leadership Summit of 1991.


The Earth Charter

We embrace The Earth Charter, which speaks to how nature and all forms of life are connected and depend on each other to survive. It is a call to action for humans to protect nature, for the good of the Earth and all life on it, peace and justice.


Flint Lives Matter

We are committed to the principle that all people, animals and nature deserve to thrive, not just survive.


Empowerment and solidarity

We practice the Jemez Principles for Democratic Organizing to make space for people to speak for themselves and lead change in/with their own communities.

Investing in communities of color

We are committed to reversing structural inequality by hiring people of color, improving health, multiplying assets and attracting green jobs to help prevent pipelines to prison.


We listen to understand each other and meet people where they are.

Restorative practices

We believe that wrongs can be righted, and hurts can be healed. We teach restorative practices, because we believe that restoring healthy relationships is necessary for restoring healthy environments, and restoring healthy environments is necessary for restoring healthy relationships.

Solutions that achieve environmental, social, and economic justice

We believe that healthy, thriving communities exist when environmental justice, social justice and economic justice happen at the same time. We find and advocate for whole community solutions that strengthen the living/working/play environments, social well-being and economic health of Flint residents.

Intergenerational community development

We believe that planning for Flint’s future must engage people of different generations in working together for the needs of current and future generations. We believe that people of all ages can - and must be - learners and leaders. We bring people of different ages together through our programs and on our Board of Directors.

Our Impact

Our impact happens where we are needed most. Environmental justice is nearly a city-wide concern in Flint, especially in neighborhoods north of Flushing Rd./5th Avenue/Longway Blvd. that have been held back by historic redlining and decisions to concentrate investment in the downtown.

We helped bring the Michigan Environmental Justice Council’s (MEJC’s) 2018 Michigan Environmental Justice Summit to Flint!


In addition to inviting MEJC to our community, we recommended local venues and vendors, curated the water justice track, facilitated a Flint in Focus opening plenary talk of Flint environmental justice leaders, and co-presented the interactive, skill-building Water Warriors Unite! Power Mapping Workshop to over 50 participants.


We led this work as part of the Sierra Club Michigan Environmental Justice Action Group, a coalition of frontline environmental justice leaders from Flint and Detroit who come together to work jointly and share resources for environmental justice advocacy.


Check out the full story on the Sierra Club Michigan website! Download our PowerMapping Presentation.

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