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ETM Flint's COVID 19 Rapid Response

With great appreciation, we're excited to announce that The Fund to Build Grassroots Power has awarded our organization a grant to fill community gaps in the local coronavirus response! We are equally grateful for our community partners:


  • and more to come!

We learned from the Flint water crisis that the Deaf and Hard of Hearing and Latinx communities are particularly vulnerable and too often left behind during a public health crisis. So, we're working together to reduce coronavirus exposure in the Deaf and Latinx communities through the production and distribution of American Sign Language-appropriate masks (with a clear window that allows for lip reading) and culturally appropriate urban gardens that will reduce families' trips to the grocery store! 

In addition to creating the COVID-19 resource page on our website, E T M Flint advocated for Michigan to protect vulnerable communities during the COVID-19 pandemic by signing on to advocacy messages calling for specific state actions:

  • Call for state-wide ban on water shut-offs and reinstatement of water service to all Michiganders

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