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Developing our collective

capacity for transformation

The Environmental Transformation Movement of Flint (ETM Flint) exists to support our Flint community in making bold leaps of progress toward being a healthy, sustainable and fair environment. We want Flint to be a place where all residents can thrive and be happy, not just survive.


Our learn-by-doing projects, training and mentorship prepare Flint residents to organize and empower their fellow neighbors, making improvements they want to see.

We make sure that residents have a powerful voice in creating their environmental futures through local planning and policy-making.

By teaching restorative practices, we provide tools to heal and strengthen relationships, creating rich social environments that promote a strong and active community.

ETM Flint attracts both proven and innovative environmental solutions to Flint's pressing environmental issues.

We support organizations and groups, especially those working in Flint, to build an environmental justice approach and restorative practices into the fabric of their own work.

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